Discover Jayce Wong - fine jewellery that you will want to wear all day, every day and cherish for a lifetime. Truly unique and elegant, our unique jewellery is both modern and classic, and isn’t tied to the latest trends. All our collections are designed to be mixed, matched and layered to enhance your own individual style.

Jayce Wong was destined to be a jeweller from a young age. Born in Hong Kong, she is a third generation jeweller, growing up in and around the jewellery trade. Her own unique personal style and eye for detail began at a young age, learning key skills under the watchful eye of her grandfather. Moving to America and now settled in London, Jayce’s collections take inspiration from her extensive travels and the many friends and women she has met along the way. Studying at Central Saint Martins (BA and MA) and GIA, Jayce has an eye for detail, selecting only the very best gemstones and challenging traditional notions of jewellery.